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I like to accomplish big things in my life and having been flown all the way to Italy to shoot with "The Italian Soprano", Opera singer MARIA LUIGIA BORSI for this cover shot of her in conjunction with the London Symphony Orchestra was one of those big things. I am so very grateful to all involved in the making of this exquisite masterpiece of sound. Maria Luigia Borsi is a beautiful woman with the voice of an angel. This special CD, [Naxos Recording Session 8.573412] Opera Arias (Soprano): Maria Luigia Borsi] will be available for download on iTunes this August/Sept and I feel so very honored right now. My own artwork is the cover of this most magnificent and distinguished classical work with one of the most prestigious opera singers and orchestras in the entire world!!! Special thanks to Maria Luigia Borsi, her family, Naxos, and the London Symphony Orchestra. I'm smiling ear to ear.

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